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Widmung für Marieke:

"Glücklich allein ist die Seele, die liebt"

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Geliebt wirst du einzig, wo du schwach dich zeigen darfst, ohne Stärke zu provozieren"

Theodor W. Adorno


Dear visitor,

Since my last message on the web site 5 months have passed. I have already finished the first half of the Advanced Studies Program in Kiel. As life in general my time there knew its ups and downs. But overall, I am very pleased that I went to Kiel, from an academic as well as from a private point of view :-)

Feel free to have a look at a draft of my first paper: A Preliminary Evaluation of Monetary Policy Rules for Russia, written by Akram Esanov, Christian Merkl, and Lúcio Vinhas de Souza. Comments are welcome.

During the Christmas break I made my way back to Bavaria and spent a wonderful week there with Marieke. We visited Munich, Regensburg, Nuremberg and my small home town Weiden. But I think she is not convinced yet that Germany's south is maybe more attractive than the north :-) So there is still some hard work to do :-(

I wish you all a successful and happy new year. Enjoy your time whereever you are. And don't forget to send my a mail from time to time or to leave a message in the guestbook.


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